High Efficiency Blower Purge

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HE-HBP Series Dryers

TFG Dryers superior design begins by delivering pre-treated air to the desiccant bed during the regeneration cycle, thus extending the life of the main desiccant bed.

TFG Dryer Controls are built using proven programmable logic controllers (PLC). The open architecture allows users build with multiple PLC brands or platforms while easily maintaining the system.

Our controls provide the protection against desiccant overheating. VFD and multi-circuited heater, coupled with energy smart algorithms, maximize energy efficiency. Our control algorithms enable targeted temperature regulation, requiring less energy during regeneration, re-pressurization, and depressurization cycles.

The enhanced P&ID screen is a great tool to monitor the real-time data and the current process updates. A user friendly interface simplifies the process of understanding it's operation. Includes a 15" color touchscreen display with Ethernet for remote/local programming and control, with easy integration into all SCADA systems and data historians for real-time logging and trending.

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Modular Base

Installed in advance for quick and efficient assembly, simplifying installation and maintenance and allowing for different footprint configurations, so that the dryer fits into available floor space.

Air Distribution

Advanced Air Distribution System and Air Barrier System improve desiccant utilization improving operation and efficiency of the desiccant bed.

Flexible Connections

Pilot air lines and valve connections are flexible stainless steel braided with JIC connections.

Purge Tank

The purge air will be dried during the cooling cycle, eliminating the waste of plant air. While a sacrificial tank extends the life of the two main desiccant beds.


All valves are industry standard, Class VI shutoff, high temperature, high performance, lug style, butterfly valves and high temperature stainless steel ball valves, providing long life.

Purge Tank

Pre-treat Purge Tank regeneration costs less than Heat of Compression dryers. Pre-treats the purge air, protecting the main desiccant beds from contamination, thus extending the desiccant life.

Internal Systems

Internally, TFG Gas Distribution System and TFG Barrier System work together to enhance desiccant utilization. Extend the life of the desiccant. Guarantees 100% desiccant utilization.

Intelligent Control

Advanced control algorithms that are self learning, and will adjust setpoints to match existing conditions, saving energy.

Modular Design

Saves $$$ on installation and maintenance. Simplifies installation and maintenance. Allows for flexibility in dryer construction and installation. Flexibility in dryer footprint and delivery.

Smart Controllers

Variable frequency blower and multi-circuited electric heater controlled by smart algorithms accomplish the following: Protect the desiccant from overheating. Dramatically improves energy efficiency.

Intelligent Algorithms

Smart algorithms enable better temperature control, requiring less energy intensive regeneration, re-pressurization, and depressurization cycles. TFG Bone Dry Dryers and TFG Controls work together to save energy dollars.